Hello all, I am about to start work on my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. I already have one degree, but want to change up my career path. I love computers and acn use them fairly well, but i do not know too much about the "behind the scenes" operations if you will. I start classes on July 1st and i am looking for some good online resources where i can gain an overall basic knowledge of the IT field before i enter into my classes. Also, is it a must that i have a lot of IT knowledge before entering into a degree program or do most start with the basics??? Please any information will help me at this point. Thank you.

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IT is broad. It's like asking a doctor, "Tell me about the medical industry."

I didn't know you could major in IT.


Hmm, for me...there are 4 category for ICT path.

1. Network / System Engineer ( you need extra paper, Cisco and Microsoft cert. etc)
-Try this if you like 'plumbing '

2. Software Engineer / Programmer (don't really need a cert, good memory, problem solution etc)
-Try this if you enjoy mathematics

3. Business Analyst / System Analyst ( need Oracle and SAP cert, sort of)
-Try this if you are good in English writting and good in 'arrange picture'

4. Web Developer (don't actually need any cert, can learn all tutorial from website and mostly book, sort of)
-Try this if you are creative enough

....every ICT career are same, just that we are assign to different responsibilities. Really depend on what you are capable of. Don't forget about experience too!

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