I have a problem, im thinking of purchasing a new graphics card but im not sure whether or not my motherboard has PCi E or not.

Heres what my Belarc advisor said:
Bus Clock: 133 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 20Q 07/19/2006

I know serial numbers help so heres mine 6g6765 00069
(well thats what was written under the barcode on my motherboard)

Any help would be very much appreciated


Look to the side of the unknown port on your motherboard. Next to it it should say if it is PCI Express *16.
Mine is a black slot ~ which is further away from the edge of the motherboard than the regular PCI slots.
The writing is quite small so if in doubt, take a pic of the slot, post it here as an attachment (Zip it up, or crop it down to the relevant slot with some surround) then i will take a look for ya

It shoule be black. Normal PCI slots are usually white

take your PC to the geeksquad and be all WTF?!?!

they will look and tell you for free and then try to install a card for like a gazillion dollars.

or run adia32 or everest or even cpuid, find the motherboard model # and check the mfg. website for tech. specs./manual