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I thought it was a terrible exam and a total waste of my time (and employer's money).

Think I scored an 890 (its been 2 years almost). Any MS exam is more accurate and useful than the Net+ in my opinion.

Study up on multi-client networks and rendezvous, nwlink, protocols etc. They asked a LOT of those questions. Some of the questions were from left field and didn't really have a logical or related answer, I'm sure you will find a few of those. They'll throw a few at you about cable types and potential distances, and adapter types with pictures for a corresponding cable.

Oh and they still ask about token ring networks on the exam as well. (also don't forget what a brouter is!).

Good luck!


You were right, how boring.
at least i didn't have to identify any connectors!

thanks for the advice.


Hey, what did you use to study for the exam? Like, did you take a course, use a book, or something online?

I passed the A+ exam last year, and this year I took Cisco Networking semester I.. My teacher has vouchers in which I can take the Net + test for free; however, I haven't had much time this summer to really study for it..


i just read the Mike Myers Network+ Passport book and I work with networks all day so I got a lot of hands on experience to draw from.

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