I am looking to build a site that is similar to http://www.lowermybills.com/

I came here to ask what approach I should take with languages, etc. Of course it isn't going to be as big as http://www.lowermybills.com/ but has some similar qualities. All advice is appreciated.

If I wasn't clear in the beginning I just am a little stumped where to start, and would like a little push in the right direction. Thank you all.

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The question is way too general. What is your final goal?

I am trying to build a mortgage lead/loan generation system, and would like to know how to go about doing this. I know I would have to learn some type of scripting language(php). But what else to I need to know.

Hope that helps.

You need to know alot of things: you need to be familiar with the business, you need to know databases and database design, you need to know how to secure information flow over the internet, and you need to know web design. You need to be really clear about your intentions and your approach. "some type of scripting language" is far from that. Good luck.

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