Hi everyone,
new to this forum, I'am pursuing my graduation in the stream of statistics, but now i'm interested to build my career in computer networking, I need some guidance regarding computer networking,can you help


Only computer networking class I have taken is Cisco networking.. but the CCNA and other certifications are supposed to be recommended for the field.. but I'm sure there are others who know a bit more about this subject than I do.

can you be more specific in your question? What exactly do you want to know?

This is an interesting quesion. I too am thinking about building a career in networking. When you are new to an area you aren't sure what to ask. Can someone give some pointers here?

Hi Duki,
I'm pursuing hardware and networking course from a private institute, and they are suggesting me write mcse exam so that i can build my career in this field, my question is kind of job oppurtunity and growth for the mcse certification and after mcse what next?


MCSE is very highly respected in the field; probably one of the top 5 certifications looked for by big time employers.

Don't worry about what's next after the MCSE. This certification consists of 7 exams, and is sure to take you at the very least 2 years to complete. If you want to know the material thoroughly, devote 4 years to it.

Some people go to college for 4 years for this certification.... Don't rush it.