For a while I've been debating on if I should move our desktop up from the Basement into our family room to create a true Media Center Experience. We bought a new desktop about 2 months ago and would like to take advantage of it. The problem is that we have a printer hooked up to it that also acts as our fax.

The base for the phone is downstairs as well and since we have the phone service through our cable company we have to keep it downstairs since that's where our modem is. So moving our printer is not an option. What would be the best way to wirelessly connect the printer with out putting a dent in the pocket?

If there isn't any way possible with out spending so much then is there a wireless usb tv tuner? I really don't want to run a cable across the basement to the computer.

I would prefer the first option though as everyone is pretty much secluded from each other when going down there to use it. So bringing it into the family room where everyone can be around each other and not be an out cast so to say.

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Wireless print server?

Also the max length for usb cables is not very long

Wireless print server?

Also the max length for usb cables is not very long

Thats the thing though if I'm not mistaken wireless print servers are expensive. That's why I'm also asking that if I'm not able to move my computer upstairs and have to keep it in the basement is there such thing as a wireless usb tv tuner?


wireless print server are about $150

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