I have a Sony dual-layer capable DRU-820A DVD burner and im running vista ultimate full version.

my device manager is saying that the burner is installed properly. But not only does the burning not work, no CD's or DVDs are even detected by the drive when i insert one. The Device manager also says i have an SCSI CD drive installed....which i don't...the only removable media drives i have are a regular sony DVD-ROM and the
sony DVD burner.....

anyyyy help toward getting my drive to work is greatly appreciated !

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Hi Ill Trix,

Try removing the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

ATAPI referes to and DVD devices so anything to do with your ATAPI device drivers will be removed and reinstalled.

If that does not help you I would recommend to talk to the manufacture. While working as a Technician for eMachines/Gateway we had many Dual DVD Burner drives that were included with the towers that the firmware had to be updated.

Hope that helps you

RueB 2s De

so just unplu them from my motherboard and restart and let them be re-detected?

Nope its actually not physical just software.

Here's a quick way to find the device manager. On your desktop hold down your windows key on the keyboard and press Pause/break key. It will open up the hardware area. Click on the hardware tab and then the device manager button.

You will find the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.
There should be a PCI Bus controller listed there. Right click and remove.

It will ask to restart your system and then detect and reinstall all ATA/ATAPI (DVD/CDROM/FDD) Drivers.

No need to unplug yet.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions.

RueB 2s De.

in IDE contollers i have:

ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
ATA Channel 1
ATA Channel 1
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

i assume the ide controllers are the CD drives?

Uhm...I have a similar problem with my Comp...it's an Acer and the drive is an LG brand (HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-H12N-ATA).

I also run Vista. The thing is that most times I can burn, but when trying to recognise a CD/DVD, the computer lags and the drive keeps spinning and spinning, and nothing happens. I have to restart the computer to get it recognised.

I tried looking in the device manager and I found
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
NVIDIA MPC61 Serial ATA Controller
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
I didn't remove anything because I really don't know which....

Ok you've got duplicates.

See how you listed three of each?

ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 0
ATA Channel 1
ATA Channel 1
ATA Channel 1
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller

A PCI/IDE controller covers all devices that have a PCI or IDE connections. Normally CD DVD FLOPPIES HDD have a IDE connection. PCI usually your Modem, some grapics have this type of connection.
By removing the controller it will reinstall and reorganize the priority list in your Operation system for all devices with PCI/IDE connections.

Make sure that when you right click on the PCI/IDE bus master controller that it also removes the driver for your DVD/CD rom drive in the CD/DVD catagory in Device manager.

SCRU you aren't listing duplicates like ILL is showing.

Ill your computer is just confused which route to take because of the duplicate drivers.

Right click on all of your PCI IDE Bus Master controller. Leave the ATA channels alone. Do not remove those.

Restart your system and allow the computer to reinstall the components.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.


Wait...am I supposed to have duplicates because I don't have any....
ooo...sorry didn't see that...


You shouldn't have dups.

Have a good one

RueB 2s De

i tried removing and having the computer reinstall them using the device manager like you said, and no go.
When i place a disk in the drive, it doesnt even read it, the activity light stays off. Also, under the list of drives in (My) Computer, it doesnt show that the DVDRW drive is actually a writable drive, it just says DVD drive. this is frustrating!

What does your Device manager say? Does it list DVDRW under the CDROM/DVD catagory?
Do you see a list of other devices in Device manager?

here are two pictures of what it looks like, if you need any additional info let me know

your help is appreciated!

i managed to figure out that the extra CD drive was caused by CD image mounting software that didn't uninstall correctly, and i fixed it. The problem with the burner still exists though.

Hey Ill.

Great thanks for the photo shots of your device manager and other Hardware. So the additional drive is no longer showing in your hard drive?

Also it only showed upto devices that start with P. So I don't know if you have a catagory of Unknown devices. Do you see that catagory?

I do see Other devices. What is listed in that catagory? any CD Rom devices?

Before I go any further with some troubleshoot steps we need to make sure that the drivers are cleaned up.

Looking forward in hearing from you

RueB 2s De.

In the other devices drop down is Unknown Device (which says is connected to PCI bus) and multimedia audio controller, which i have no idea what that is, i have a SB X-Fi soundcard and it works fine.

i dont know what you mean by ". So the additional drive is no longer showing in your hard drive?" ....i assume you mean, does the extra CD drive show anymore, and the answer is no it does not. But the problem CD drive still is dead.

i really appreciate you working with me on this.


im dying here

Ok one more time. Lets try it.

Go back to Device manager. Click on the Plus sign next to IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Right click and Remove the IDE ATA/ATAPI Bus master controller. Click on ok to restart. Allow the system to restart and find the hardware. Once it is finished installing the hardware it should ask to restart again. If it does not restart again.

As far as your Unknown device, PCI BUS. It may be a Modem or a Sound card that has a PCI connection. This is a different issue. You may later have issues with sound. Possible echos or options with the Firmware not available with what you stated shows under unknown devices.

Let me know if I can help any further.

Rue B.

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