I am not a techie but a newbie looking for Techie's Guidance!

I want to Transfer small files - mainly for backup- between my MS DOS PC (P4 Processor 256 MB RAM and 40 GB HDD - 8 GB alone accessible through DOS) whose OS is MS DOS 6.22 _(I don't want any Windows on that PC) to my Windows XP Desktop and / or Windows XP Laptop, the desktop located at a cabling distance of 36 feet from the MS DOS PC. I have tried Networking, Cross-cabling etc., without success. I have read that a standard laplink cable supported by PC Mover software might do the job. But I am not sure about the maximum permissible length of the standard laplink cable - whether it would work over a distance of 36 feet. Or I can transfer files from my MS DOS PC to my Windows XP Laptop kept side by side with the MS DOS PC and then bring the laptop near my Windows Deskop and transfer the files thereto. If the first option is feasible, I would like to try it out. Please guide me with step-by-step guidance as you would do for a Dummy or Idiot!
Zillion Thanx!