Hi i'm a newbie, I've just landed myself into this world of tech and i'm here to learn from everyone in all aspect of this field. I am certain this will further assist my understanding.
This is my 2nd week in a Powerhouse environment using QUIZ and sometime in the future I will be using SQL. This is all foreign to me as I have no formal discipline in this field. The company I work for has proposed I took a short course on MYSQL, and this won't happen untill early 2008. At the moment it's a daunting experience for me. My immediate dept head is tied up with work to teach me so I was given a book on Powerhouse to read. It's kinda like giving a Spanish book to a Chinese for the 1st time... Nevertheless I will try with might to muster this, I've always wanted to be in this field and I will not let this opportunity pass given this break. So here I am, I don't exactly know what I'm looking out for, but I trust my instinct I will gain some sense from Daniweb and get better grounds.

So here I am thanking everyone in advance.

G'day to all!

Hi and welcome.