hello everybody

please help ...iam very lost=(
i am a bigginer with all this technology...

what the diffrent between dianmic and static pages??

also... i know we use html xml to create pages...put also i think we use php and ASP for the same thing??am i right? or no?
if iam right...what the diffrent between thim?

i am very thanxful=)

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Don't know if it helps, but here it is:

A static page is a page that is not automatically generated, while a dynamic page is automatically generated, through various scripting tools (i.e. languages) as PHP, ASP, Python, Perl and any other tool/language that can be called by the web server.

An website page is served to the client - the one who browses the website - by an webserver (for example Apache). If the page is a static page, Apache sends the static page (an HTML or XHTML page) to the clients browser, and the browser interprets it. Now if a page is a dynamic page, Apache, through different configurations knows what language interpreter to use - let's say PHP. So, when the client requests a dynamic page, Apache checks to see what language it uses, sends the file to the PHP interpreter, PHP interpreter, well, interprets the file, and gives back to Apache the (x)HTML code to be served to the client. Therefor, the page was generated automatically and it is a dynamic page.

I hope it helped.

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