Even though many tools like TweetDeck already have the ReTweet feature, now Twitter officially have added that feature. So have you used it or does it make any difference? I dont mind putting the RT @.... before a tweet.

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The new RT functionality will be very useful, especially for those of us that favor using Twitter on the web. You don't have to cut and paste to RT, but shame that you won’t have the option to add comments.

Haven't used it, probably won't. I like to comment in my retweets and based on what webagentspro said in their post, the new function does not allow comments.

Oh I did not know that. So I would not find retweeting useful then.

I think we are confusing all the matters. I want to make it clear. There are two options just under every post of one’s followings. One is Reply and another is Retweet. Both options have different functions. They are not for the similar function. By using reply option one can reply or make a comment on following’s tweet to that particular following , while by using retweet option one can get his followings’ tweets as his own tweet and can post it for his or her followers.

I think the concept of retweet means copy other people tweet, it like tagging other people comment and make it on your own and twet space, I am not yet familiar with this feature but seems will be great for marketing once I got around 1-2 k follower

I noticed that now Facebook has the new feature like Twitter's retweet where one can share comments. I actually like this better than Twitter's RT.

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