It's an odd thing to say about a business that spends so much of its time online and is so skilled at search, video (through YouTube) and all that stuff. But for me, Google has only half an idea of what it's sitting on and a number of sites out-do it. This one, for example. Until yesterday.

Which was when the behemoth announced - or conceded - that it was using human editors rather than an algorithm. As an experiment.

So you get this colossus, this huge company with all of its resources and the entire web at its disposal, and suddenly it's offering me the chance to get recommended news stories from a person who's pre-sifted them.

This is of course how social networking, easily the biggest thing to hit since the Internet began, works. I follow you, I find you interesting, I follow your links.

Had Google woken up then? Finally? The company that hasn't quite made it with Buzz (but there's still time) realising that it's people that make the Internet, not the technology? The bots will be back and there are no plans to make the move permanent, I'm afraid - this was purely an experiment.

Pity. I thought for a moment that Google had finally twigged.

Google is good search engine in the word.
M.Akram12812 {SNIP}

Google is an utterly brilliant search engine. But it's also trying to be so many other things, and it's not moving forward. I stand by my original post - but of course thanks for responding!

Google is the best and best ever search engine in the Internet world.

It is. But when it comes to its news service, having a human sanity-checking what comes out of it was an excellent, not to say essential, idea.

Wow - I hadn't heard about this until now. I personally think "Google News" results could benefit big time from some sort of human interaction.

Google is one of the best search engine in the world i love google

from a developer's point of view... google is the best company in the whole world! from a very simple search engine. Now look at google. they had made so many things, google map, google translate, google chrome, google OS and so many more, they are a brilliant dev team and i idolized the people behind google projects. they are a bunch of genius people. I love google!

Google is better search engine. And it is faster than other search engines. Most of the user use Google to get more information. Google is easy to use and easy to understand.

Agreed, but I'm talking here about Google the company, Google Inc's strategy about moving into new areas. The search is brilliant and blows the competition out of the water but Google wants so much more.

i guess google can't take it all. it's a really good search engine. and it's started up some other great expansions like the it's gmail, google docs, google maps, google aps and what have you.