When setting up your website for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google there are several factors you need to look at in order to obtain a high rank on their search engine. Of course your content and meta tags must be inline with positive density percentages and reciprocal links. Google then takes your website and performs a mathematic equation and places a numeric value on your website depending on one of the most important features, reciprocal or back links.

A back link and reciprocal link are identical. They both say the same thing to the Google engine, that your site should be ranked higher in the order because other people find value in what your website has to offer, thus they provide a link to your site. In turn, you keep a closed loop by reciprocating the favor to the other website by extending the same courtesy of a back link. Thus creating a solid network connection. Google likes to see interconnectivity and will reward your website well for planning it this way

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also google doesnt like links from the same IP address.

also google doesnt like links from the same IP address.

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mmm are you saying that mutipul backlinks are not relevant if they come from the same IP? im kinda going to have to disagree with that one. kinda...for example lets say you have 1000 pages on widgets and each page has a differant keyword related to your website. each page then has an anchor which even though is on the same IP still counts as a back link. the only time it will not count is if the backlink is on the same domain that your main website is that you are promoting. google conciders this as spamming your own domain.

I've been building links for a few years now... did some linking work that helped my sites, and I've done some linking work that had me banned from google in short order. (to prove the linking structure was the culprit that had my site banned - I did the same procedure to another site, and it was banned just as quickly)

To get a rough and dirty visual image of how google views the linking structure of the web, visit <<URL SNIPPED>> - select the google tool and enter a domain name of a top ranking site (your own, of course!).

Google, of course, adds an enormous amount of information onto each link... and IP addresses are one of them.

Happy Linking


Would you share what got your site banned?

You should get listed in Dmoz and yahoo and also try to get as many links from the higher PR low number of outbound links pages for getting good PR.

I understand that one-way links are considered more valuable to Google that reciprocal links.


Why my sites were banned:

Here's a post to my blog - as I wrote it when it happened...


Note - after months of detailed entries I realized this blog cannot be crawled by the search engines... nevermind the fact that this site is banned - rofl. Sometimes the best laid plans... As we speak, this site is being re-created using a wordpress blog format - an outstanding tool for all bloggers)


Links from the same IP address are worthless? What about all the sites hosted on blogger and similar. Are links between those worthless too, because they are all on the same IP address? I really don't know, I am just asking. It seems that would be a good reason to NOT use one of the major online blog systems.

mmm are you saying that mutipul backlinks are not relevant if they come from the same IP?

Google loves sites hosted with dedicated or static ip addresses and rewards them. I personally experienced this and got a boost of PR2 for my domain.

Here's the deal. Google keeps track of IPs of sites in its engine. Sites with the same IP are typically on the same server. If this is a shared server, the sites might not have a lot in common other than using the same hosting company. But if this is a dedicated server, especially if the sites link to each other, Google assumes they are run by the same person and part of the same network. Therefore, a backlink doesn't count as much as it ordinarily might - it counts more like a backlink from one page of the same site to another.

The problem is that the search engines don't know whether an IP is to a shared or dedicated server. This can be a problem when another site that might be hosted on the same IP as you does some black hat SEO or something to get it banned. It's very possible that your site might also inadvertently get banned.

Hence why it's a good thing to have your own IP :)

Very useful information, thanks alot!


Black links are important if the links have relevant content to your site. If not, then it may not be beneficial and may atually hurt your site, especially if its to a site with a low PageRank. You have ot be very careful about this.

Very useful information, thanks alot!


SNIP, another good point of advice is that, as you noticed an administrator or moderator edited your post for dropping a link, that is a NO NO. You should be patient, contribute with quality information and participate openly in forums. In addition, something my IMer husband taught me is that you should never revive an old post as you did here. If you look right below the user name it will say when the post was published. And, if you want people to take you seriously you should never revive an old post just to say "Thank you, nice info or post" because people can see it as spam.

And the most important thing is to get back links from related sites. Quality is always better than quantity. A few links from some related authority sites will be better than a large amount of links from irrelevant sites.

You shall also pay attention to the anchor text which shall content the keywords and be verified.

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