Web 3.0 The Google Paradigm

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Imagine this: You go to your local 7-11 convenience store, and you’re at the counter to buy a coffee. You realize you forgot your wallet or pocketbook in the car and all you have is your phone on you. Your phone happens to be a smart phone with the required software to communicate with the contactless terminal to read your phone. Success! You paid for your coffee and you go back into your car.

So you’re driving in your car and you have the local radio station playing and then all of a sudden an advertisement from the coffee distributor comes on that you just bought. Maybe you thought it was a coincidence. Then you’re at work and you’re browsing Google and all you can see is this coffee distributor and 7-11 advertising to you trying to get you to come back. At this point, you might feel that Big Brother is watching you. In reality, he’s really not. This is the future we’re going to be looking forward to and this is going to be driven by Web 3.0.

How do I know this you ask!? Well, interestingly enough, Google just announced that you’ll be able to use their virtual credit card system. Mastercard and Citibank are teaming up with Google to make it possible to buy your coffee like that. Google is definitely going to be collecting information on your purchase as much as they can. In Web 3.0, Google will be communicating with as many databases as possible to get the best possible information on you. Perhaps they’ll be directly involved in these advertisements following you around. Perhaps they’ll be selling these ideas to you. No matter how you look at it, everything you do electronically will be recorded.

If you’ve taken a look at Google since it began, you would notice that it keeps acquiring information from you in new ways. First it was the search engine, but it wasn’t you personally, it was everyone with geo-targeting. Then there’s Google Earth/Maps, mapping out everywhere. There’s Gmail which lets you have an account with Google to track you further. When you login to Google News or when you use Google Translate, it’s all getting recorded. Now conspiracy theorists would believe this to be diabolical. I don’t believe this is diabolical in any sense. I believe Google is making a push to provide you with the best content and relevant advertising.

That sums up what I have to say about Google and how they’re using new technology to make life easier for you and at the same time, how they’re gathering information to serve you better. Please comment any questions, suggestions or stories you’d like to see in the future.

Azmah 1 Junior Poster

Wow, that's cool yet crazy :P

Agni 370 Practically a Master Poster Featured Poster

I'm just worried how much data is being held by one particular company. And even though they say that they will not misuse the data, they do realise the kind of power it gives them in this e-society. Tracking people's transactions is going to be another such way to get even more information. With technology out-pacing the laws it is also difficult to charge these organisations in case of intentional or non-intentional misuse. Not to forget that Google has in the past caused breaches to the data-protection acts by collecting data without user consent etc.

Sariscos 80 Junior Poster Team Colleague

Agni, I agree with concerns. It is obvious that Google has become king of our information. It could just take one really savvy hacker group to compromise the data of millions, if not billions. Once they get our financial information, hackers will be more enticed to breach Google for financial gain. I wouldn't worry too much about it though. Everything is shifting in this direction. Thanks for your comment.

crishlay 0 Junior Poster

i want to know more about this google feature

xParacha 0 Newbie Poster

So, basically Google would be controlling me with the help of those Credit Card companies ofcourse.

allyson_gss 0 Light Poster

I think this thing is very cool as long as the information they have don't get in the wrong hands.

Jashandeep -5 Junior Poster in Training

I am really impressed with this story.I feel proud that i am an IT person.

Jashandeep -5 Junior Poster in Training

Great its a secret which you have shared with all ! Thanks please keep it up.

brentbret29 0 Newbie Poster

But this time they want customers to actually use it so they are generating it into a Rabbit Rim type of activity where you get to perform the squirrel.

Jashandeep -5 Junior Poster in Training

I am trying to find web 3.0 site from internet but still not get.

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