Thinking of looking for a flu shot while you're out shopping this weekend but don't know where to look?

There's an app (Google Maps) for that. Type in a location and it will show you locations in the area that offer flu shots, as well as their times -- and it will differentiate between seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines, in case you need one and not the other.

The application isn't perfect. It seems to focus primarily on commercial providers of flu vaccines, such as drugstores, supermarkets, and department stores. It doesn't, however, provide information on vaccination clinics offered by local health districts -- though it does provide the name of the nearest health district, a link to flu information on its website, and suggests that users call the district for more information. It also doesn't seem to include medical providers such as doctors and clinics, unless, coincidentally, the doctors in all the cities I checked were out.

Its geographic range also appears to be fairly small; checking my own town found nothing, but didn't show possibilities in larger cities just 20 minutes away. There also doesn't seem to be a way to widen the range of the area in which the application looks.

But, it's a start, it's better than nothing, and if a particular area doesn't have commercial vaccine providers, users can get in contact with the area health district to get more information.