I just installed the latest version of the Google toolbar for IE. The autocomplete search feature is pretty cool. Any other opinions?

I like it, it saves a lot of time, but am looking forward to version 2.0 ( if there is to be one ).

I'd like to see it developed to include more than one set of entries.

For example, let's say I take care of more than one web site and fill out submission forms for it once a week. Each has a unique owner name, telephone number etc. The way that it is set up now, I can only have it help me with one set of information at a time. I am continually editing the fields and losing my previous entries.

It's cool though, when I do a form submission session, I have learned to focus on one web site per session.

:) Yeah. It is user friendly. But i like more the "Search name" option. When you type "dani web" in the search bar it directs to daniweb.com. It is good because it is not "daniweb". google recognizes this web site whne the name is written both ways.


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