kidrobot 0 Newbie Poster

good article

linkscaptain 0 Newbie Poster

Yup! Nice info, I heard before but still not clear,

RoseMary3 -3 Light Poster

Right or wrong! google is not stop now Panda/Farmer is changing in UK Soon

chrisranjana 5 Junior Poster in Training

I think it is high time that google formed some kind of "subject expert" committee or something to manually screen websites which appear in the top 50 results.

App Developers 0 Newbie Poster

I feel this is why it is always necessary to work on links from a variety of sources.
If you are ever caught in the cross fire the damage should be minimal. And you can always build it back up.

tomachi 0 Newbie Poster

I have noticed increased organic traffic in all 6 websites I look after actively. I've taken screenshots of the Google Analtyics / Traffic Sources / Search Engines / Organic / Google report, for the period February 1 2011 to March 29 2011, with "compare to past" ticked, and they all show improvements, take a look
My improvements in visit numbers are: +33%, +58%, +31%, +13%, +43% and +49%. These are really quite large increases in organic traffic, so I'm pretty happy with how it went!

LABC 0 Light Poster

I've read through a lot of the comments here, and it seems that the general consensus is that Google screwed up.

iamseo 0 Light Poster

We can't do anything about this. Google is in control. Google corners 70% of the search volume.

I'd rather add more quality content to my websites than contest this with Google.

quyenhong 0 Newbie Poster

when google pagerank update, my site ranked high, but after update my site dropped the rank, although I have very good SEO, but still somehow dropped ranking?? :(

charlenej 3 Junior Poster in Training

If you'll ask me what lesson I got from this Google Farm issue? I think it's: Produce quality information and that #1 website listed on page one of Google could be yours.

cceerpp 0 Newbie Poster

This is another excellent example of the fact that "Google is Evil." My blogs are suffering too because of their unfair algorithm tweaks. Thanks Google for making us waste our time and effort producing original but low ranking contents!

jacktb 0 Light Poster

I benefited from the Google Panda. My page view has increased since then.

Daave 3 Newbie Poster

It has really become a lot complicated for people to understand as what criteria is being used by Google to judge the site content. But it is true that because of all this many other sites are getting un-noticed.

iamseo 0 Light Poster

Maybe it is time to check you site's content and make adjustment if you suffered from Google's Panda update. Maybe your site lacks quality content.

It is really up to Google to decide on your site's keyword rankings and there's is nothing that you can do about it.

movielinks -4 Light Poster

My website which was getting around 5k unique visitors everyday lost 30% visitors

nanzwilly 0 Newbie Poster

Heard that Cult of Mac came back in the search results after Google intervened. How about other innocent sites like, who has always focused on useul and original content.
Is there some hope for the smaller sites?!!

customsoft -3 Newbie Poster

Improve the content and quality links. And also theme based link building. You can easily achieve it. Try to make 100% unique content for your page.

tnkleathers 0 Newbie Poster

Google panda has effected many sites even those who did not had spammy links and that's why Google have said to inform them about those sites in addition to that a successful marketer knows that risk should be spread meanings that other popular search engines should also be utilized and rely less on Google because of these changes taking places

ps3gamereviews -1 Light Poster

my sites have dropped on my best keywords like best flash games form first page to 3rd page and second. i am currently going through my site and deleting all unnecessary OBLs from my site, really hope this makes a difference and gets me back to the top

jhone007 0 Newbie Poster

I think this will help to Google definitely , they can improve their search quality & can produce better result for those who are looking search result.

amrithaa2011 -3 Newbie Poster

hi, what is Google farmer & what are the benefits by azure to making seo friendly sites by .net & php...??? meet again.

kylegetson 16 Junior Poster in Training

I also have a few sites that increased due to this change... however, I'll admit some of my pages are ranked above others much better sites. Not all my sites increased rank, most of them had no shift.

SEO-Firm-India 0 Newbie Poster

Search Engines Give importance to your content. So ensure that you are using unique content on your websties.

janellelk -1 Newbie Poster

Nothing went wrong per say. Just a stronger focus on the user experience.. thus brand identity and organic growth.

graphixter 0 Newbie Poster

Other name of this is uncertainty...


kirstiebevilaqu 0 Newbie Poster

Look at the traffic from

Very curious how all the IT forums now have just about exactly the same traffic, wonder if there is a hard-cap on how much traffic a forum is allowed now.

logoonlinepros -6 Junior Poster Banned

This new algorithm is totally effect ranking of many sites in USA site like ezine article and hubpages drop there visitors.

seobuzz 0 Newbie Poster

I think Google made big mistake by confusing with website content and product description. As a result e commerce website were badly hit by Farmer Update. Because those product description get caught in Farmer.

juzi1986 0 Newbie Poster

Now Google is not as good!

denysaputra -3 Light Poster

Here's an article I just read about how so many people got caught in the crossfire on this one:

Hi, thanks for sharing with us!

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