Im new to the line of SEO work.
My boss wants me to optimize pages already created from our website for Google.
I've tried a million different ways to switch the content around and change words, anything to increase the percentage of prominence. All attempts have failed. The density is increasing and the lack of change in prominence is practically giving me a brain aneurysm!
I've been using the spider tool to check stats.
Does anyone know of any tools that can help me to increase the prominence levels while using the website layout that he prefers?

In other forums, I'm getting a lot of responses saying that prominence is NOT important, and to worry about the quality of the content and readability and NOT prominence. I am not interested in hearing this as my boss wants a page perfectly optimized in every aspect possible. I understand that many people have many different opinions on what is important and what isn't, but I'm looking for help to support HIS opinion so that I can get my job done.

Any advice is helpful and insanely appreciated! Thanks!

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Many years ago, keyword density was very important to SEO. Keyword density was having the exact perfect ratio of keywords to the content as a whole. The problem with this was that, over time, spammers employed techniques of keyword stuffing ... essentially, repeating the keywords more times than one would naturally do, for the sake of seo, at the expense of real website visitors.

More recently, Google has been putting extreme emphasis on frowning upon everything that isn't natural language. i.e. When content is written for readability, and is the best for the website visitor, then it's best for Google too. Google is getting smarter and smarter about understanding when content is written for usability's sake.

Do you think I can get the same CTR regardless of my percentages in keyword prominence and density? My boss is pretty persistent about wanting a high number in prominence.

I know links are valuable when trying to increase your stats. Will it help to create a page on a social networking site for the company, such as facebook, just to create an increased number of links? or is this tactic irrelevant?

No need to have an search engine optimisation brain bursting ... there tons of on-site searchengine optimization techniques to try out; such things as naturally emphasizing keyphrases by using them sparingly in headings, supporting them rather than repeat them in the content with word variables (altering prefixes or pluralizing for example), give an intelligent appearance by having synonymous keyphrases present in the content, abbreviations, acronyms, antonyms, morphologies ... Try keeping your spelling and grammar clean but keep writing and supporting, emphasizing naturally ... look at your logical naming conventions for web pages and images, work your attributes whenever helpful ... freshen up things ... tighten up anchors ...

hmmm... Thank you!

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