LoveMyPadres 2 Newbie Poster

I got an iPad app that lets me search for chordpro files, and presents two default options, Google and Bing. The Google search almost always returns nothing, and the Bing search returns what I wanted. People do repost chords/lyrics files verbatim on site after site, I wonder if this is why I can't find any via Google anymore. I've just about given up and used only the Bing option, since Google has become useless.

WebStudio Pros -6 Newbie Poster

Look at how their search engine produce results now..

alyessamoore -15 Light Poster Banned

I got PR-2 on my 3 blogs....I am happy

neo09 0 Newbie Poster

This is really a great article...Sometime we observed that google create rules but we do not find the results for the same...What does it mean??

web_design 0 Newbie Poster

The Google Farmer Update affected many quality sites too. Sites like hubpages and ezinearticles which have very strict policy for original content also affected. I think there are hundreds and thousands of sites which may be affected vis this update. More important thing about this update is that the Google partner sites didn't affected that much. Can anybody have solution to retain the lost traffic and ranking?

Dani 4,121 The Queen of DaniWeb Administrator Featured Poster Premium Member

I just want to update this article to say that DaniWeb is no longer affected by Google Farmer aka Panda.

ashokseo 0 Newbie Poster

Some of my sites got badly hit by this freaking Panda, Still trying to recover :(

optimumscr 0 Newbie Poster

Unique Content is king. After Google Panda algorithm duplicate content is not useful for increase ranking of any website. Unique content is very helpful.

maninaction -9 Junior Poster in Training

Google suggesting we use Google to find what we want...

Ya exactly . Now a days all are using google to search

iamseo 0 Light Poster

Google still leads all the search engine websites but Bing and Yahoo! are catching up thru collaboration. Maybe Microsoft will buy Yahoo! at a right price.. discounted price?

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