How do I put ads on my blog and where do I go to do so?

The usual way is to open up a Google account and apply for Adsense.

You can try some affiliate programe! It will be better for you! thanx!

create an id on google adsense and generate the ads code and place these codes in your site.

Can I just say that putting them on your blog horrifies me. I, like many others (thousands of us), have found that when we are lucky enough to get a surge of traffic to our sites google bans us and then will not pay up! They claim the clicks are fraudulent. so beware, I am sure they get paid no matter what!

register with google addsense account. make sure before start registering your domain sh0uld at-least 6 month older.


you can try
if you have quality traffic you can generate great revenue from your unsold inventory

Apply for an account with google adsense, and if is a wordpress blog you can install the Adsense Manager plugin.

Simply get a google adsense account.They would provide you the code for ads and all you need to do is to add the code provided by google adsense to your site.

Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services.


Adsense is the best option for you

try adsense its what i use

Register with Google Add sense Account and submit the form of Google add sense, Remember Domain & Blog should six month older

Register with adsense and if your blog is a wordpress blog you can use the adsense manager plugin.

How do I put ads on my blog and where do I go to do so?

Try to use Wordpress. Then log in to my blog account and go to “presentation”, then “theme editor”. Now’s the tricky part. If you have not already set permissions on your theme pages, you need to do that now. FTP into your blog and look for the “wp-content” folder. In that folder you’ll see the folder of the theme that is powering your blog. Open it.
In that folder you’ll see a bunch of .php files. These are what power your blog, the pieces parts. Find “sidebar.php” and right click on it. Choose “permissions”. Now, change permissions to “777″, which means that it is now “writable”. In other words, it can be edited now. Now go back into your WordPress admin. After that, click on “sidebar” link. You’ll now be able to edit the file directly in the admin.Copy the code from your advertiser and paste it into the sidebar area where you want it.

Google Adsense, a contextual Advertising Network is the number 1 in Online Advertising Field. Everyone can make good money out of Google Adsense Ads if they follow the Guidelines and TOS perfectly. This service is completely FREE and just require a good website/blog to start with. Webmasters opt for Adsense Alternatives for two reasons. They are

1] Banned from Adsense [ Not following the Adsense Program Policies ]
2] Just wanna give a try to other advertising networks.

I strongly believe that most of the webmasters or bloggers try Google Adsense alternatives because of the First Reason than the second one.

Whatever may be the reason! I am listing the 7 best adsense alternative’s that work similar to Google Adsense.

Create your account in Google adwards, and mail to Google regarding ad-sense.

What kind of ads you want to put in your site? If it's adsense ads, then just copy and paste the code to the page where you want to display the ads.

Look at your WordPress plugins and choose the widget the fits your needs for advertising. Install it, read the documentation, set it up and you are off to the races!

I agree with FreeMoneyTweet about Google cutting you off and not only not paying you but there is NO way that I have found to get in touch with a real person regarding ad sense or ad words.

first of all you should make your blog popular after that you thought to put ad

Create your adsense account then you can put ads on your blog.

Google adsense program can be your solution under all circumstances...this is the easiest way of getting some quick income.

Have you any adsense account . If yes generate code and put that to your blog ?

search in google or make an account of adscense

How do I put ads on my blog and where do I go to do so?

Google adsense is best option for this purpose.

Simply get a google adsense account.They would provide you the code for ads and all you need to do is to add the code provided by google adsense to your site.

I registered a google adsense account more than once, but they said to me that my blog is public domain, it is unacceptable for their ads campaign. I dont know why, another blogs can place google ads on their sites. I think the best way is affiliate program or trading ads if your blog is optimized well and good traffic.

It all depend what kind of ads you prefer. Of course you have Adsense. There's Commission Junction AdButler. Matter of fact just Google what you just posted.

You can try Adsense or Linkshare these two are gr8

Brother first tell me your blog language?

How do I put ads on my blog and where do I go to do so?

Just goggle it "How to put ads on my blog". you can see the videos and articles. you can also search" how to use "adsense""

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