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“Your PC may be infected” says Google, which has taken the unusual step of warning users that a couple of million or so of them have most likely been taken in by a fake AV scam. According to a post on the official Google blog by security engineer Damian Menscher, Google has noticed an unusual pattern of user activity. “We found some unusual search traffic while performing routine maintenance on one of our data centers” Menscher explains, adding that they then collaborated with other security engineers at various companies which were sending the modified traffic in question to determine that the machines responsible were infected with a particular strain of malware.

Google decided to warn anyone matching the traffic pattern it has identified (involving the sending of traffic through particular proxies) when making a search by displaying a notification atop of their search results that says “Your computer appears to be infected” and offers advice on how to fix the problem.

The malware in question would appear to be installed when users are taken in by one of up to a hundred different fake antivirus warning scams that have been circulating for the longest time, although Google has so far been unable to actually name the miscreant malware.

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Google, the world's go to site for finding information, can't find the name of the malware? hmm... my already shaken faith in the giant is further shaken.

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How do they think they're going to help removing the malware if they don't know its name? What does the 'Learn how to fix this' page say?

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No worries, it's just Stuxnet

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To protect web surfers, Google is continually working to identify and blacklist dangerous pages. Google has been giving information about the malware warnings that they will be issuing at the top of their search engine.

swebsitedesign -2 Newbie Poster

google has always provided good security services so it can help in case of malware

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Identifying the root of the malware distributing machine requires time. We need not to worry as google must be doing the things to fix the problem. After all google is google

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