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If the previous URL is not working anymore, you may use redirect codings to redirect the url to it's new URL. Or as per Bob's advice, you can use the Google webmaster tool to remove the URL from Google area in case Google got a hold of a page they shouldn’t have.


You can use 301 permanent redirection and redirect your old URLs to new ones. By doing that you can easily get indexed by search engines and also your visitors can reach the pages through new URLs.


Hello friends,
I have a website in which I have made some changes in url’s i.e I have build more SEF URL’s . Now the problem is that the previous url’s are also indexed in the Google. So when the user searches for the query those url also opens. I want that those url’s should be de indexed from Google search..Is this possible please let me know if you have solution to this..

You must to try "Mod Rewrite" technique for URL rewriting.

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