please suggests me , that what should i do for earn money. i want to do some online tasks. Like SEO, Advertisement, or some other tasks.

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If you're good at SEO, then you have a lot of potential to earn money online. Try to look for job websites that offers free membership;sign up and build your profile and apply for jobs. Goodluck!

Odesk.com will be best for you. This site has a lot of SEO related jobs. Elance.com is the best option but odesk.com is free to join.

If your are good at SEO you can join a freelancing site and look for fast paying outsourcing jobs. You can also join and market one of many affiliate programs online.

Another thing u can do ..
take a good topic and make a site with blogspot
and the add some goood articles and use any good PPC ads in your site..
and then do some good SEO/Advertisement/link exchange/link Submit etc ..

Create your own blog at blogger.com.Place Google ads and start SEO activities.Place updated contents on daily basis.the best way to earn online money.


Create your own blog in blogspot.com / blogger.com or wordpress.com.
if you created in blogspot.com, then you can add Google ads by using Google absence.
if blog becomes popular, then more visitors visit your blog. Google pays pay per click to you and the amount is directly sent to your home address.

How can i make some money,ihave nothing doing

There are lot of ways to earn money especially if you have the skills. You can apply as freelancers on freelancing sites or you can do affiliate marketing.
Also use
Blogging (Paid post, Ads, Adsense, etc)
Twitter (Paid tweets)
Affiliate links
using all these you can earn additional revenue.

Well you can also go affiliate sales... Become an affiliate of a reputed company and earn your percentage share on every sale that you will make for them!

Yes,make a blog with blogspot its very simple and a good start up for newbies.

i too surfed the net a lot but didnt got anything really working .all demands some initial amounts.if anybody has really a working technique for earning online money then please let me know.......

According to me, its better to go with affiliate marketing. It will really help to earn more money.

you can generate good revenue from blogger to use adsense ads.

develop a site, optimize it accordingly and you can earn money by adsense from your site.

first u have to join seo forums and get some knowledge about online marketing techniques these days and u should be good at blogging and content writing then u can easily find jobs through these forums and freelance websites like freelancer.com,elance.com.

If you have little bit experience in online tasks than www.odesk.com is the best site for you to earn money by doing online tasks.
Best of luck.

There are many option available online but i have used odesk only and it's good for SEO

Well the question is not very clear... But you can try to create a blog and get ur self registered in clickbank and get started as an affiliate there... or the easiest is to blog abt ur favorite topic and just add sum google ads.. cheers

PPC Maintancence
Email Blasts
Affiliate Links

I want to learn seo... How can i learn it... And from where...

well if you are good in seo try to find some good clients whom pay you each month for your services and it's easy and good job for you as compare to you run a site for your self

Thanks for the mention of sites names

Will check the site

please suggests me , that what should i do for earn money. i want to do some online tasks. Like SEO, Advertisement, or some other tasks.

If you want some good ideas of making money you need to provide us some more infos about you. Wen need to know your online skills.

Joined the odesk and freelance site

Have to check how much it will be helpful

Doing online tasks

For really quick money check Fiverr.

It is a place where You can offer basically
anything for a fixed price of 5 dollars
(if you sell something, Fiverr takes 1 dollar
cut, so you get four).

Some people are getting 10 or more orders
per day, which is depending on the country
where you live a nice sum.

For inspiration, check the popular posts, to
see what is selling. Many marketers use Fiverr
to find someone who can write articles or put
content cheaply for them.

If you don't specify your online skills, certainly you are good at something, we cannot give you a perfect answer, just guesses :|

I agree that there are a bunch of way to earn online, but it's not easy to a lazy person. I have tried some methods to make money online such as completing offers, blogging, but the result is not good as I expected.

I want to do PPC. But I don't know how to do PPC!

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