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Before you higher any so called "SEO experts" ya better read this:


Yes.. Hiring an seo expert is probably a bad idea. Hiring a firm would be a better
idea if your company depends on seo traffic.

The article definitely points out some of the shadier practices in place by the
smaller seo companies that cannot compete in todays market.

Always listen to good advice. Always question someone's name bashing without proof.


I have had bad experience with big SEO companies in so far as if your not spending as much as their bigger clients, then invariably your not going to be a priority. I was given the run around for about 6 months, only to be presented with a bill which didint justify the work done,and didn't give my ranking anymore weighting. I felt as if it was a scam - in so far as I was fed a yarn at the sales pitch and led up the garden path.

So I would say - go for one man bands who can prove what they have done with existing clients

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So I would say - go for one man bands who can prove what they have done with existing clients

I am a big fan of smaller SEOs too.


I'm wondering if it might even be worth it to hire individuals with little to no SEO experience to do link building campaigns for you. Ya know, the tedious part of SEO ;)


Hire an SEO expert...ONLY if you know where they live! :Þ

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