I was wondering if you would get penalized for makeing your file extension a major keyword and then added the extensionsn to be run through as php? like http://"whatever"/index."keyword" or even have the index page a rediredt or write an htaccess for the index file.

I don't think there would be a benefit. If file extensions played any role in ranking, every site in the world would rank for the keywords 'html', 'php', etc.

I think that might be like looking for trouble since I agree. If you don't see much or any upside, there is only downside.

well that is a very zen way of looking at it , but seriously don't try it you might like it

That's right, extension never pay any role in ranking

I now know they do not play a role in ranking but what about searches, there has been many a time I would search for php and something else and I would get search results with the php file extension in bold as if it would use the extension as a search keyword. That is basically why I asked this question. My last comment I had to much juicy juice.