Hi everyone, I am working as a research analyst in a laboratory that deals with developments in the area of plants and nature. I have to look on the net to assist me in my research but as I don’t access it frequent I find it difficult to get the right things online. Can anyone help me to find any kind of tool that will help me to get results better and faster?

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You can find almost anything on the net. Its not just research but any type of information you need like movies, songs and other stuff. My friend too does some research work and he uses InfoFinderPro that makes his research easy. This not only saves his time but provides relevant information that is hard to find.

Happy researching to you.

Besides using Google, it’s also important to know how to search. For instance, using Boolean search operators are helpful for some. I find that using quotes for some searches often gives me the results I’m looking for.

Just Google for it

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