I wish I had gotten this story before the San Fransisco Chronicle or Cnet, but the truth is they got it before me. A lady in Florida got a team of lawyers to sue Google, the Search Engine firm in San Fransisco, CA for breaching her privacy with Google Buzz. I know Google get's sued now and then but this lawsuit, is, well different.

I'm sure plenty of people were filled with ire about the entire Google Buzz predicament. But Mz. Hibnick was the one who actually took action and hired a team of lawyers to sue Google for breaching several communication laws and most importantly the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act . I have to give a hand to Mz. Hibnicks lawyers for doing their research and having the guts to go up against Google about Google Buzz.

Mz. Hibnick filed this as a class action lawsuit, so I'm sure others will join her in suing Google, but you have to think about the company you're challenging and how powerful they are. Mz. Hibnick may have not thought of this but Google could easily shut down Gmail in a heart beat. Now I know that there would be a huge uproar heard around the world if Gmail was closed, but how much do you pay for the service? You don't pay a dime and that's how they would get away with shutting it down.

I'm sure that there is some law somewhere that would prevent Google from just shutting down Gmail over night and I don't believe they will close it's virtual doors, but the truth is that they could and if it was in their favor they probably would.