Im wanting to try out google adwords (get my feet wet) and see what its all about. Is there anyway i can try it out for free? Like with a "promotional code" if anybody would be willing to send me a code (worth as little as 5 dollars) I would be more appreciative then you would ever know. thanks guys. if you would send me one to

If you have $5 in hour adwords account you ad will start to have impressions. Just go for it. I have been optimizing and running my and my customer's campaign very successfully.

Do a search for $25 Googlke AdWords credit and you might be able to find a coupon.

Before you begin, understand that Google AdWords can be a tough nut to crack. If you are buying traffic for an established company/website with a big budget, then it can be pretty easy.

However, if you are advertising a new site, then things will be a little more difficult. When you go to Google AdWords, make sure you do a search for "quality score" and understand what that is.

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