hi everyone,

Please tell me how long should a title be? Does it really matter? If it is too long, will it not be indexed?


:icon_rolleyes: How long does a title need to be

Well, it needs to be as long as you need it to be. I think a mistake a lot of people make is trying to squeeze their keywords in there. Don't forget that your title is what shows in the Engines, so making it something that will get clicks is often more important than worrying about squeezing keywords in there!

There's always an innovative way to simultaneously make Titles captivating and search engine friendly.

it's not about the length of the title its about the catch, make it interesting for someone to click on it.

Make a title in such a way that visitors will be forced to click on it. Putting keywords in it does will not affect the sites reputation. As melovemoney has said itself, that title is what shows in the Engines. If there are no keywords in your title then i don't think you will get any better results.

Google will only display the first 66 characters of your page title. Anything after that will get truncated and replaced with ... and has little (if any) SEO value.

You will still get indexed using a longer title, but it won't look as good in the SERPS.

How does the long title affect the SERP?

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