Can anyone tell me best SEO tools name for link building task?


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I don't know if you need a tool to make your links building, here is one i used before, http://www.imwishlist.com directory submitter and article submitter, enjoy it.

You seem to be looking for some kind of short-cut. I would suggest you try to broaden your perspective on the need to amass incoming links.

The best tool (that the search engines prefer) for link building is to create web content that is worthy of being linked. Always try to seek your incoming links naturally. This may not amount to thousands and thousands of links but the links that you will acquire will be valuable (rather than being practically worthless).

Engaging in the trendy link building schemes (link swapping, directory listing, forum posting, blog spamming, social networking spam etc.) often proves to be ineffective in convincing the search engine of the importance of your web content.

I am satisfied with canadafred's answer. You just need to build the strong content. And if the content is effective then people will link to your site automatically.

There are many tools available, but for which purpose you required tool, because Link Building is not Small Process.

The link building is not so hard, the only hard thing is that to find the quality links and maintaining relation between them.

go to seobook.com and find what ever tools you want for seo.....

Agree anybody get 1000's of links but getting quality links is the hard part.

That why I think directory submissions don't work.

Be exposed in various forums and blogs related to your site and maintain good relationship within its members to make your site credible and be trusted by others. This way, you could easily gain link popularity that would lead you to quality backlinks and at least get noticed and improved search engine rankings.

If you still wish to use the SEO tools then try out the Web CEO software. It is really good software.

i think SENUKE is the best

Roboform is very helpful when it comes to directory submission. It makes my job a lot easier and faster.

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