I think major search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com, MSN.com are not fair to my websites. I have some keywords ranked on my Google sitemap on the 14th position. I do not see it nowhere when doing a search on google for that keyword. For the same keyword, I also could not find my site on Yahoo and MSN. I do not know why is that. My sites are over 1 years old. Why Google site map ranked that keyword but can not be found on Google?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks very much for reading.

I am a little confused about the "Google Sitemap" ranking. I think what you are seeing is a list of keyphrases that searchers have used to find your site, this list is not related to where your web pages rank for those keywords in the results pages.

To get your keyphrases ranked highly in the search engine results pages you'll basically need to perform two tasks effectively:
1. Make full use of the optimizable web page component, especially the actual content. You will probably have to read up on things like writing Titles and Description, using highlighting (bold, strong, Hx tags ...), deploying an effective internal linking structure etc. etc. Now, if you can successfully ceate web content that is indisputably unique, unquestionably important and consequently authoritative you should be able to attain natural incoming links to your web pages. If you are unable to do this, then you'll have to engage in a link building strategy in order to boost your link popularity.

Note: You can build your own links in a variety of ways; you don't have to depend on soliciting or swapping link.

2.Continue doing number 1.

big thanks.
YOu meant I need to bold all keywords on the homepage?

thanks very much.