We << url snipped >> were on the 1st page on Google for terms email marketing and bulk email. ( and have been there for 5 years ) Now we are gone! - Not sure why this would have happened. Does anyone know how we can contact them to get this resolved. Our business will be dead without the Google traffic.

lots of sites just disappeared with the last update. best not to make drastic changes but to continue building links.

some people think Google is using latent semantic indexing on inbound anchor text.

Are you keeping up with a link building campaign? Are you getting other sites to use "email marketing" and "bulk email" as anchor text pointing to your site? Are you using those terms throughout your site, and especially on your homepage, as CSS'ed H1 and H2 tags, etc.?

Are you using an SEO firm? Many use techniques that are not permitted by Google. Perhaps they've caught on, and finally removed you. Good luck getting in touch with Google to help resolve this problem - it often can be difficult :-(

If this is not the case, I would take Dani's advice.

Avi Wilensky

yeh probably some techniques that may not be complying with google rules. check it out.

Current theory is that Google applied a filter to sites that had an extremely high correlation between <title>, <h1>-><hx>, keyword density, and anchor text of incoming links. So if yer <title> was blue widgets, <h1>-><hx> was blue widgets, you had an abnormally high kwd of blue widgets, and 99% of your incoming links has blue widgets as anchor text, then you could be in trouble. After all, Google is trying to provide the best results for humans, and the above content is not considered 'natural'.

Answer? Play things down a little, vary your incoming anchor text a lot, design your web pages for humans, not for Google's spider.