Advertisement few Key points for Websites

Advertisement main points

There are five simple steps to make more traffic on your website.

1. Make website SEO based and try to get high rank.
2. Purchase Advertisement package from big companies like yahoo, adwords.
3. Post your articles to directories about your new website and business etc.
4.Post Advertisement on different free advertisement websites.
5. Use traffic exchange program (exchange links with those website who have similar contents and information from your website)


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I also recommend actually creating business cards centering on the new website rather than on the person. At many meetups I have attended, I have received a business card just on the website itself. Usually the business card is bigger than normal cards and its multi color and the color matches the website. Also, the url is on both sides of the card. So of course, I visited the site when I review my cards. So this approach also works.

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