I've started a new site, but I've had the domain for a while, I have my blog on a subdomain. http://blog.company.com and the blog can also be hit by www.company.com/blog ... because I had the blog before the site, I submitted the blog subdomain to google and yahoo. I have had pretty good content and it should help my sites ranking. Only question is, I will submit the site now, should I stop submitting the subdomain or should I submit both.... I don't want to get black listed for submitting the content twice as http://blog.company.com and again www.company.com/blog

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I don't think there's any reason to submit both, I'd suggest keeping both live and trying to transition to just using the one. It will make links less complicated for other people, and increase the page ranking because the hits and links to the page will all go to the same place.

If you just submit blog.company.com (or company.com/blog) than people searching will still find all the content, but because all the traffic through google will be pointed to that ONE page (not split between two) you'll get a better ranking for it.

I think there's no issue about that. It's good if you submit both your sites.

You shouldn't need to submit your site to the search engines at all. They should be able to pick up on it from external links pointing to you.

<edit> Nevermind, saw you were talking about a sitemap. Subdomains are seen as completely different sites, so links between different subdomains pass link juice differently than links between different pages of the same domain or subdomain.

If I'm interpreting this right, it's exactly the same site at two different URLs, wouldn't trying to push both of them just split up your hits and lower the page ranks?


You should keep only one format of blog
I would perfer subdomian format ie www.blogs.abc.com rather then www.abc.com/blog (sub directory format)

There are several reason behind my suggestion which are as follows:

1. Blogs usually have several section which you dnt want to crawl like comment section, trackback section, admin section etc depending on which kind of technology you are using for maintaining your blog (say word press etc).
You can maintain it with the help of robots.txt. you can write differnt robots for a subdomain but this is not available in the subdirectory format.

2. google usually perfer subdomain format on the sub directory format.

I will suggest you to only keep subdomain format and redirect the sub directory page to subdomain Pages. because in this way you will not loose your traffic or credit which are coming through the subdirectory pages.

hope you will be able to find your answer.

I agree with the suggestion to redirect sub directory page to subdomain Pages.

hey i have a website bizzduniya.com and a subdomain http://classifieds.bizzduniya.com
I want to make xml site map for my subdomain. I have tried all online sitemap generators but not getting the the URLs in the site map for my subdmain..Kindly help

I also agree with the suggestion to redirect sub directory page to subdomain Pages. But i thought subdomain help you for better google rank. Free Classified In India

i think now you should leave that blog and should focus on site and try to make the site more popular.

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