what is the sitemap code please share your views thanks in advance

Sitemap is offer the google spider or google boot to crewal home page
and give the indexing in his data base

Can you rephrase the question, it makes no sense,

do you want a script to create a sitemap
do you want to know what a sitemap is
do you just post to support your signature spam

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actually i want a script to create a sitemap

Sitemap is the one which helps google to list the pages present in your website which therein facilitates quick crawling of the google bot.

Many cms, wordpress etc, have a dynamic sitemap module built in, or as a pplugin that can create a sitemap and renew it on schedule as new pages are added

there are googleLink standalone scripts

less active sites can use a sitemap generator I like the one at auditmypc.com because I can configure out image links, and reduce 20000 pages to a manageable 5000

Then get a google webmaster tools account, and follow the on-page instructions on your google webmaster tools page to submit the sitemap directly to google
bing yahoo et al are insignificant, google still has 80%+ of all searches,

There's a good sticky,, good coz I wrote it, :) , at the top of the website reviews forum, on getting code ready so the bots can index the site well, more readable code, more gets read each time the bots pass by.

ok you all i give up i need script code of site map so i itself create it to my siteand use it

Seriously, if you wanted a script to create a sitemap then why didn't you ask that question originally instead of what is sitemap code - please share your views?

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