I have an adult novely shop and am wanting other sites to advertise on my site, in the form of ppc or pay per impression. I tried some affiliates that payed me for membershipss... etc... but its not for me

so Where do i Start do find sites?

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I just looked at your site and see that you dont have any adds on it.
I cant understand why not..Have you looked at Adsense?
Perhaps you should also check out other similar sites to see what they do.
Sorry....I just looked at Google and they wont allow adsense on your site.


Generate Google Adsense on your site which automatically set the ads according to your web pages.


Google search for other adsense programs also because there is more than just google adsense. You can also join a affiliate programs, some of them have the adult site content ads that will be approved to place on your sight.. hope this helps.

If you need more information on other adsense programs contact me direct, to avoid breaking forum rules....

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