Has anyone found new and interesting ways to use links to social media sites to increase SEO results?

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Now a days twitter can able to make more traffic .We are getting more than 25 unique visitors from twitter. Dofollow Blog,Forum comments gives additional benefits .Yahoo answers also a good resource.Use your blog post link in twitter update with appropriate keyword.

Create more and more friends on social networking websites and promote your resources by sharing it with others.

Social media or networking sites can only boost TRAFFIC, they don't have a direct effect on ranking coz they're not a good source of backlinks.

Has anyone found new and interesting ways to use links to social media sites to increase SEO results?

Search Engine optimization is nowadays used with social media marketing as well. Social networks provide quality backlinks for SEO purpose and are great resource for visitors. Few people keep it as a separate part of online marketing strategy and call it social media optimization or marketing.


Squidoo, hubpages, wetpait are also great to generate good traffic and to get quality backlinks as well.

Well, they say it all but not only socialnetworking all social site is very useful to gain traffic.

Some will gain traffic and some will gain backlinks. Do it all.

Remove the no follow option in your blog .Then it will give back link to your site.Then your site turned into a dofollow.

Just so that everyone is clear, using social networking webpages, and most of the other suggestions described in this thread, as an avenue to enhance a link building strategy is tantamount to manipulating your link popularity and thus considered a Greyhat SEO scheme, in spite of it being both trendy and acceptable (to both the majority of Internet marketers and the most popular search engine).

Unfortunately (what most SEOs and what most corporate and business web site owners do not realize is that) your search engine marketing strategy is a direct reflection of the webpage's corporate image, in spite of it being virtually invisible to the average Internet visitor. Any link generating scheme deployed with the intention of convincing the search engine of the importance of a web page is in fact, cheating.

Take a moment to think about that. Are you willing to tarnish your client's corporate image for the sake of moving up the ranks a few notches? Do you feel comfortable in really explaining the purpose of your link building strategy to your client?

Search engine marketers using these types of link building methods are not SEOs at all, they are linking strategists. It is like comparing Internet marketers to those that generate traffic to a website by streaking nude across the football field at half-time with a URL painted on their butt. Both can be effective but only one can keep his self-respect in tact (unless they are naturally self-deceived, blinded by greed or obsessed with winning by any means).


What you said are all not wrong but I would like to say combining using SMO and SEO would produce better results not only on traffics but PR of your site!

The social bookmarking websites can be great sources of traffic since they are visited by thousands a day by their links might not be that strong from SEO viewpoints.

social networking is one of the great way in getting your potential traffic

I believe that Social Bookmarks are a great way to get backlinks, provided you are active on the Social Bookmark sites.

Post to Social Bookmark or Social Networking site for generating traffic.

A key factor in doing such things is to use right keywords you would like to get SERP!

Allow me to clarify the original intent of my question (and apologize for a lack of clarity). I am currently working with a company that sells a single product (an enterprise wide, mission critical accounting/ERP solution) from one of the Microsoft product families, which they market into a very limited geographic region. Additionally, while their website states that they can service many vertical industries, they have core competencies in two specific ones. Because of their limited product offering and their limited geographic target area, they get little exposure beyond their website (which is optimized and has good page rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN/Bing).

I have convinced them to begin a blog site independent of their main site where they can share their knowledge of working in these specific verticals. They will also be inviting their strategic partners to generate content. The blog will be linked to the sites of my company and our partners. We will advertize our own promos and events as well as those of our partners that we are participating in. The goal is to use these linked websites to increase valid links to improve page rankings. This same strategy (which is still developing as it is still in its infancy) is one that was discussed at the recent Social Media Camp at InternetWeekNY. I do not view these types of efforts as greyhat or blackhat SEO tactics.

In addition to the blog, the company has created linkedin presences where there tech people participate in the various groups where they can address peoples questions as acknowledged representatives of the company. They will also be using twitter to announce new business wins and press releases with tinyurl links back to their website. All of these social media efforts are with full disclosure of who they are. No tricks, no deception, no digital sleight of hand.

So taking this into consideration, reconsider my original question as the innocent one that it was.

you can share your pages in social networking site by gathering more friends

Nice info thanks to share idea

A new twist on my original posting for this thread. I just read a piece on Search Engine Journal about Twitter SEO which provided 4 tips to improve twitter rank. One of these was linking to the twitter stream using your name as anchor text. Would anyone care to provide some insight into the possible benefits of this. CanadaFred, I would especially like to see your thoughts as you always have a good point to make.

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