GPI launches New Global Search Engine giving users 3x the search: by language, by country, and by search engine!
WASHINGTON, DC, - April 21, 2009: Globalization Partners International (GPI), a provider of website, software and documentation translation services in over 100 languages, announced today that it has launched a new search engine for international business professionals, travelers, students, researchers and anyone else who needs to easily search the web by language, by country, and by search engine.

“Glearch started as an internal tool for GPI’s staff of translators, researchers, copy writers and global search engine specialists, as well as an answer to a common request from clients to find country specific information from hundreds of separate sources on the web,” said Martin Spethman, GPI’s Managing Partner. “Glearch’s global map-based interface and compilation of country specific facts, web resources, maps, newspapers and top sites bring users a wealth of information on one screen.”

Glearch is freely available and can be accessed at:

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Seem to be a few new search engines suddenly arriving. Perhaps they think the public is tired of google?

Many of these new search engines are becoming more intuitive or have a semantic component to it. Time will tell which search engine actually yields the best results for users. I remember a time when I liked Altavista better than other search engines.

Guess you can never have too many seach engines huh?

I will probably spend some time playing with it in the next day or so. When I have some idea of how it works I will put my opinion up hear and I urge all to do the same so that we can get a good feel for the newbie engine.

will try thanks

Introduction of too many search engines might only be good for the folks who are creating tools which can automatically submit web links and sites addresses to them otherwise they may not be great nor powerful in terms of traffic.

As I read the initial post I began to think that I had seen something like this before. When I tried it the feeling became stronger. And now I know why.

Glearch seems to be a next generation DogPile. Quick DogPile history for those who don't remember or are just hearing about it. DogPile was a 'metasearch' engine that fetched (their word) the results for a particular query from Google, Yahoo, Live Search,,, MIVA and LookSmart. DogPile was launched in 1996, won the JD Power and Assoc award for Best Residential Online Search Engine Service in 2006 and 2007. The site was eventually sold to Go2Net which was acquired by InfoSpace.

So, Glearch is nothing new in terms of concept but might be different as it only accesses the searches of the Big 3 with an option for Local Newspaper searches. In terms of SEO impact, not much it would appear. Just keep doing what you are doing for the Big 3 and you will list well in Glearch.

One caveat is that it appears that Glearch does not list the #1 results for each together at the top followed by the #2 results together, etc. In its search results Glearch shows you what each items ranking was in the specific search engine it came from. In a search I did the results were as follows for the Glearch Top 10

1 - Google #1 rank
2 - MSN #1 rank (lists as MSN, not Bing)
3 - Google #2 rank
4 - MSN # 2 rank
5 - Google #6 rank
6 - Google #3 rank
7 - Google #7 rank
8 - Google #4 rank
9 - MSN #4 rank
10 - Google #5 rank

No rhyme or reason for this.

Any word on how to submit or optimize for glreach?

Any word on how to submit or optimize for glreach?

I would not make this a priority because this type of search has been done in the past and it did not generate much buzz. My advice would be to look into it when you have time and monitor the popularity of Glearch before worrying about optimizing for it. Additionally, the best thing you can do is focus on optimizing on the search engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo) as it seems top 10 rankings in those will put you in a good position to rank high in this one.

Thanks. Very good advice.

Thank you all for your comments!. We are not trying to compete with any other search engine. We are simply offering a meta-search that it is country-language specific focused on.

As for SEO, as other members said, since we are using Google, Yahoo and bing, you don't have to do anything different.

We are collecting as many improvements from you, the users, to try to make Glearch better. If you have comments, improvements or any comment you think would help us to improve it, please feel free to send us an email to mspethman[at] (replace [at] with @).

Again, thank you all for taking the time to review it and comment on it.

oh cool, you created this search engine? I didn't realize that.

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