Earlier this week, Opera announced that with the release of Opera 10 they are adding a new Technology called Opera Unite. According to the Opera website, "Opera Unite harnesses the power of today's fast connections and hardware, allowing all of us to help define the future landscape of the Web, one computer at a time."

In non-marketing speak, anyone using Opera Unite can serv and share content and services directly from their own PC with one or more friends/associates at the same time. Basically, everyone's PC becomes a server in the clouds. Will this propel Opera into the category of the Big 3, probably not. Additionally, reviews of this has been mixed and their are reports of serious security issues for networks.

In one blog about this they descibe the potential headache for SEO professionals will be the possibility that if this gets any type of positive press there will be demands to optimize websites for this new browser environment. The challenge will be to manage the expectations of our companies/clients to make them realize that Opera has such a small browser market presence.

I invite all to check out the Opera page and get acquainted with this new technology and come back and share your thoughts.

I will check out Opera. My concerns are privacy and viruses.