Yay for Bing! They're sending me 3X the amount of traffic that MSN used to. It's LITERALLY MS flipping a little switch and sending me 3X the amount of traffic one day to the next. Did anyone else notice a huge increase/decrease when Microsoft flipped the switch?

Oh, nevermind, I take that back. It looks like Google analytics is now reporting "bing" while before they reported "live" and "msn" as two different search engines (both started sending me 0 traffic when bing started sending me traffic). All together, Microsoft as a whole is consistent. Oh well. So much for being excited.

Google Analytics took a little time to recognize Bing as a search engine. The first few days Bing was launched, Google had it listed under the referral section.

You may see an increase of traffic from Bing since Microsoft is spending $100s of millions on advertising. I would expect that to generate more traffic on Bing which in turn will generate more traffic for you. Who knows how long that traffic boost will last.