So I was looking for those companies that can get my ad out to those pages that have parked domains, & Fabulous gave me the 3 or 4 they know of.

My assistant researched them & I decided to go with - BIG mistake.

All was fine until they told me it would take a day or two to authorize my credit card.

I found that very strange, but said fine.

Then instead of getting an e-mail from the person I spoke to on the phone, I got an e-mail from someone else & his communication skills weren't very good. He didn't know the interior of their application, so I had to repeat my question over & over again.

I also had no idea who he was since he didn't really introduce himself to me as my new account manager which is what you should do when one has already spoken to someone else.

He also didn't answer all of my questions.

Then after me finally understanding how to submit my credit card for the deposit, I get another e-mail days later from someone else entirely different saying she is contacting me to answer my question about bidding when I never even had a question about bidding b/c no one had walked me thru their system yet NOR had I even been notified that my account was now set to go.

I started to question why it takes soooo long for a credit card to go thru (remember at this point I thought I was still waiting for my cc to authorize) when it should be instantaneous. I also said I had no idea what she was talking about, no one had even walked me thru their system yet, as I was told this is how things would be done.

It was very clear to me that the communication was starting to be a problem.

The girl read my e-mail & then ignored it.

I waited all day for a response, got none & then finally later that night said forget this, if this is how they run their business, I'm going to walk, so I wrote them both & told them to cancel my acct. & refund me the initial deposit.

The way the whole experience went down was very suspicious, as credit cards authorize on the spot, that's how merchant accounts work.

It's also clear they don't know how to run their company properly when they get a new client.

So, the other PPC programs that are left are... & then 7search

Which one is better & are there any other ones I'm missing that I should know about?

I want a professional company that knows what they are doing, & communicates very well.

I no longer have any PPC with Google as they discontinued my relevant kws, so I have to find other ways to market.

Thank you


Why are you not considering using Google Adwords again, plus Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter, etc. ?? Adwords is the best in the world.

I have no choice, for the kws I need, AdWords won't let me & the other 2 don't allow adult at all.


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