The other day I had a conversation with my colleague, strategic planner, about social media and digital advertising as a push or pull marketing. I think that the terms are now very fuzzy and getting blurred, especially with social media. Why? Well, I believe the platform allows for both a push and pull strategy.
So lets discuss here - what would you consider push -
1. PPC
2. Banner?
1. Facebook page?
2. Twitter updates?

Lets discuss?

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As i am new with these term .but as i learn through the wikipedia...
i think that

Push strategy are :

twitter and face book page, banner
Because is twitter and face book mostly people dnt know about your services and you push your services/product to them by tweeting related to your services or making a wall..

ans pull strategies are


because people know about the related service, and when they search related to those service then you show them your product/services.

Well, regardless of the names you choose for the services, one thing is clear and that is they all belong to the main category of building Traffic over the net and the PPC has remained amongst the oldest.

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