Hi i m using google adsense in my site for the past one month . i m running cinema site and also my site is listed in the google search . Still now i m not activate SEO . i dont know how to activate . pls tell the procedure step by step . it is a great help for me ...... please reply

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I don't understand what do u mean by activate SEO

DO u mean how to start to do it??

Here are some tips that will help you to do this:

1. Use Keywords/phrases that best describe the target page.
2. Avoid using image maps, if needed make sure to add text links at the bottom of all pages.
3. Do not use long text; limit 40-50 characters in a text link
4. Avoid using JavaScript links
5. Create text links and use a common navigational menu for all pages
6. For best results try to limit the number of links per page to 20. (Only a recommendation)
7. Include a site map if you have more than 20 pages.
8. If you are using flash navigation, always have text links as a supplement to the flash
9. Try to use keyword phrases in the HTML and image file names
10. Keep your file names hyphenated.

my site is listed in the google first page . still i m not get good earnings . how to get good earnings ?

create fresh and quality content to your site.

I think you must choose a keywords with high search per month or competitive keywords,....Have you try also to search for a keywords highest paid per click?

The first thing u have to do is to appear in Google, yeep I mean, to be indexed by Google!

use fresh and original content in your site, select important keywords and create quality backlinks for the site, backlinks generate high traffic on your site and increase PR for the site.

Kwyword research is the first step that u should do.

Keyword research is the most important part of successful search engine optimization, without this base you may be wasting your time and resources.

Related keyword research should be the foundation of your optimization.

indexed by google means what ? can u explain me

use fresh and quality text in you site and create quality back links, submit article, blog, directory, social bookmarking etc. these are help you to create back links and increase traffic on your site.

You can restart ur seo work and get listed again

indexed by google means what ? can u explain me

Here’s the link to submit your URL to Google:

It can take quite some time for Google’s crawlers to index all the pages in a new website just by following links. The larger the website, the more time it can take.

Pages at a high click depth from your homepage can take a lot longer to get indexed because the crawlers don’t discover them until after several rounds of indexing and link following have occurred.

I find that adding an XML sitemap really solves this problem because it tells Google about all your pages ahead of time. If you have a large website with many high click depth pages then an XML sitemap will help indexing enormously.

My Friends..............
Content is the King in SEO......
so dear, try to make original content and put into yours website......

To get good traffic u must have to do SEO works. What r SEO works?
a. Good keyword selection
b. Fresh & quality content
c. Submission into high pr directories
d. Article subission
e. Good use of social networking sites like digg & stumbleupon
f. Forum posting
these r the most used seo strategies.

I will start with the KW reasech, without KW, what kind of content u are planning to put on your site??

I believe that strong keyword research is a necessary foundation for any type of effective online marketing strategy. Determining what those keywords should be depends a lot on what your ultimate goals and objectives are.

If you are looking to use your site as a lead gen tool for generating sales, the keywords that you're going to go after might be considerably different compared to if you are trying to drive traffic and then generate advertising $$ . . .

Indexed by Google means if you search your site URL in Google (like http://www.mysite.com) and if it appears in the results then it is indexed by Google.

You should start your SEO learning with Wikipedia entry of SEO if the words "Activate SEO" means SEOing your site.

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