I just read that Google have added new filters:

Here's a list of the new filters:

* Past hour
* Specific date range
* More shopping sites
* Fewer shopping sites
* Visited pages
* Not yet visited
* Blogs
* News
So how do you think this will affect your SEO tactics?

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I'm all for this, I particularly like the "not yet visited" filter. Very useful when researching..

as for the approach to SEO, will anything really change, we have no control over the way that users set filters

I like date range filters to find new contents on any subject

I guess Google is trying widen their reach to those sites that are new and not yet visited by their bots

I guess SEO strategies should be the same and but user will find all these options very userful.. I wish if google can also add "search do follow blogs only" :D

Well, Google is amending its ranking algorithm just day by day and it is using a lot of tools and programs to determine how high quality the content pages created are actually.

Really, won't it be tuogher for we do SEO in the futhure?

Cause ther are more and more hurdles in the way!

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