Okay, I need some other SEO Specialists to advise me on this because there are so many schools of thought, so I need opinions and articles. The articles I have read speak very highly of Mirrored marketing Sites and I've created them for clients with success, but here is my question, are there any penalties? According to Google. com, there aren't per say, but it's the 'per say' that's got me concerned.

I have a client with absolutely zero ranking in a low ranked keyword industry. I can optimize his site with keywords, but his content can't read as true SEO content, so my question to all SEO Specialists out there, what do you we think about the SEO mirrored site, and can we have redirects to his main site without penalty?

Please advise. Could definitely use more opinions.


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you can get duplicate panelty from Google if you have the same exact content on two websites.

If you see someone's rankings have slipped then it's possible that site's page contents have been duplicated causing a duplicate content penalty.

Google doesn't want multiple copies of the same content cluttering their results pages so it will devalue all but one of the copies of the content based on the age of the page.

You can't say for sure how much duplication can result in a penalty, if it's 10 words, 20, a paragraph or a whole page...

YES! you can use 301 redirect to redirect to your mail website. This will save you from the panelty.

Thank you for responding. I have one more question and thanks. Check out this link, this is an SEO mirror marketing site http://www.wageronsports-sportsbook.com/ for this site: www.wageronsports.com. They are not 100% identical. The SEO site shares the same content, not through and through, and is saturated in keywords.


his content can't read as true SEO content

Why can't his content be read? Is he using a 100% Flash site? Is the site all images?

his content can't read as true SEO content

Why can't his content be read? Is he using a 100% Flash site? Is the site all images?


Thanks for responding. That isn't the issue. The content can be read because it's in HTML. I should've written more clearly. What I meant to say was that the content needs to be clear and concise versus true SEO content.

However, the question remains, mirrored website, or landing pages? I think landing pages. I would love to know your thoughts.


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