I am a Virtual Transcriptionist and ,I have always worked from my home.I can work upon the sites but not very nicely.Now ,i want to set up a Website of my own,may be it could help me in my work.I wanted to know if the updation/maintenance of the site is required on a daily basis or it can be done anytime.Also can i do this updation myself or will i need the help of proffessionals?I will be very thankful if somebody could reply as fast as possible

The Title - write a short but to the point and attractive title that will be easy to index on a search engine and is also attractive to a person looking on a search engine

The Content - this is perhaps the most important, without quality content no one will stay at your site more than 10 seconds and are less likely to get any click troughs on any profit generating links on your site. Also make sure your content sounds informative and professional with proper grammar and punctuation. Don't sound like a 12 year old typing.

Meta Tags and keywords - Effective title, description, and keyword meta tags in your HTML code make it easy for a search engine to display and index your site for others to find. there are several free meta tag generators online. Just Google 'free meta tag generator'

Blogs and Forums - find high traffic forums and blogs relevant to your sites content and respond to other user comments and useful information then provide a link at the end of the post to your website. This can also work on Yahoo! Answers ;)

Be patient and persistent!
Don't give up, generating website traffic is has a pyramid effect. You post a quality website on one place, that person recommends that site to someone else, and word can slowly but surely spread. Also, any posts or forum replies stay on their respective websites for years. You will find your website getting referral links from forum posts from 3 years back so the more seeds you set early the better.

Website maintenance and management is a vital service to your growing business and you need to be very professional either to do it yourself, or hire a professional maintenance company.
Website maintenance includes:

Full backup copy of your website
Content management
Link repair
Maintenance of web content,image and graphics
And much more....

Since I have a small online business, I have hired a www gmrwebsitemaintenance com professional website maintenance company in Tustin. They are very good in their work and till date, no complains from my side. The best part of their service is they are very much affordable.

If you are talking about a small website that will have limited traffic to promote a business or service, you can do it on your own if you get yourself a decent wysiwyg app like Dreamweaver. Get yourself a good book on website design and search engine optimization (the dummies series of books are a good starting point for a novice) and go from there. You may find that you enjoy doing the day to day or week to week updating/maintenance of the site and you will want to learn more, there are excellent classes available through local colleges and through technology focused schools like New Horizons. It is all about learning, trial and error, and dedication.

As to how ofter you need to update your site, that depends on what the site is used for and how often fresh info will benefit the visitors. To maintain good ranking in the search engines, you cannot go wrong with having a blog on the site and updating the blog daily or every other day. Wordpress is an excellent blog utility and you can even use the blog as a website with some work.

My advice, dive right in and start doing. And stick with DaniWeb to ask questions and get advice. Good luck.

I am new in online business and not sure how to do maintenance work. I don't think I am able to do it, that's why looking for a website maintenance company . As for your suggestion I visited your website GMR Website Maintenance . Its really affordable for me. By the way, what does web maintenance means? It is required on a daily basis or on a weekly basis?

Its okay if you can maintain your site on your own but it may not be cost effective and also time-taking .For me, its better to hire a professional web maintenance company who can do it easily and within your budget and according to your requirements needed.So, to concentrate on your core business in a better way , it is advisable to get the help of SEO analyst.It will be really an easy task to carry out the web maintenance.
Before hiring do a research on the web and hire a professional company which is suitable to you and with whom you are comfortable.

You are quite right. If the website is meant for doing business it is quite a good idea to work with a website maintenance company. As they can be professional and they keep themselves upgraded with new technologies.


Basically, you can go either way but you have to perform your due dilligence in terms of a cost/benefit analysis to determine which is the right fit.

As you know I am very serious with my online business and as for your suggestion I go through search engine to know about web optimization. Its really great every one when designing his/her web page, you must specifically design it to rank high in the Search Engines. But one thing in that I am not getting about meta tags and keyword. Will any body help me in this