Hello World
I need a career advice and I am very much confused. Currently I have good skill set of the following stuff
• Html/Xhtml/CSS/
• Content Management Systems Word press, Joomla, drupal, template customization, installation ,configuration
• Os Commerce Applications as like os-commerce, magneto
• Bulletin Boards
• Real estate ,rental portals etc
• Adobe Web Suite Photoshop, Fireworks, Digital imaging etc
• Linux Based Hosting Management as like on CPanel, etc
• In addiction I had worked in Microsoft framework 2.0 with SQL SERVER and crystal reports so have some idea of programming in Visual basic.net with database programming
• In addition some basic knowledge of search engine optimization techniques and web marketing etc
I have two options and I need a kind advice

Either be a web based business entrepreneur
Web marketing and search engine optimization is one option. That I continue to learn more and more open source applications
As like joomla, word press, etc maintain some kind of virtual team or do some sort of small scale or mid scale service base business. I need to do some of my services marketing, get projects and provide services as a free lancer. Projects can be taken by direct querying or by online market places as like elance etc.
Plus I can focus on to run a blog on some stuff or some traffic base website. If that get big traffic it will give good revenue.
Or if I know some good sap consultants or some good Microsoft consultants I can market their knowledge with web marketing strategies’ and get earning
All these things are good and all are business oriented. The negative point is it doesn’t contain any business process learning. And the domain level is only limited to internet. I don’t know how an ERP works and how things work on enterprise level rather some market and business stuff.

Seeking Career In SAP
Second Option for me is to start a new career in SAP. But I am totally blind to sap I don’t know much about it. Just that a person who is certified in SAP is highly payed and it’s a very wow thing. I had studies basics that what kind of modules it has and what kind of things it includes. But it seems out of rich without doing in some practical environment. It seems that sap for those who have already some expertise in some functional field. As like for accountants they can do FICO and for HR managers they can do HR Stuff.
I want to move to Canada and I had searched on different job sites there are lot of demands of sap people.

So I need someone personal guideline regarding sap that how and what I can do it or what I can’t do in that or is I should leave it
Secondly if someone has experience of web marketing and seo I also appreciate to guide me in that regard.
If somebody from Canada can help me out I will be highly thankful

I would give the first option a try. It seems like you know your stuff with that and would have the experience you'd need. Good luck!

Well, according to the points you have written you already are shouting to be interested in the first case, sometimes even after reaching some top paying jobs if you do not like them you may leave them.

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