I am a PHP developer and I had completed a social networking project. In this project users can create their profile and upload their photos and messaging as the all other networking sites can do.

And I am very new to SEO .... I need to do some SEO for the above mentioned web site. All pages in the web site are dynamically loaded other than the index page.

Please any one give me an advice for starting the SEO. Currently I simply did some meta names and descriptions in the pages.

Kindly advise me for the right way , or any good book available for the same purpose.

Please help
Thanks in advance

Hi Rajeesh

The search engines use hundreds of various tidbits of information to decide which webpages are most suitable for a search query. The ranking factors can be divided into on-site and off-site.

I'll only mention on-site factors as I am a believer that off-site influences should self-determine, however, they are a big thing in today's general SEO techniques. Hopefully someone else will cover those for you.

On-site factors include mostly that which is found within the webpage content. It also includes such things as the web page's Title, description, Headings, internal linking structure (anchor links especially), keyphrase emphasizing, age and credibility of domain, logical naming of webpages and images, image alt attributes, intelligence and uniqueness of paragraphs, spelling, keywords in domain name and a few other things that I can't think of right now. It is important to have your keyphrases easily visible and their importance obvious, however, you can't just repeat a keyphrase over and over in the different optimizable webpage components; you need to vary them by throwing in synonymous keyphrases, altering verb tenses, changes to prefixes and suffixes, pluralizing etc. All these other forms of the primary keyphrase endorse and support the value of the keyphrase. Employing keyphrase variants makes your content appear intelligent, to the search engine. It is important too not to over-optimize a webpage in such a manner that it makes it difficult to read for the Internet visitor. Always keep the Internet visitor's experience first in your mind, that will please the search engines too. So it's a balance that you'll have to find.

For social networking sites, the majority of your search engine optimization will have to focus on getting relevant backlinks to your site. I cannot see how you can do a great deal of on page SEO

I think your best bet of getting a good following though is through branding yourself. And unlike the established networking sites, you probably have to have a unique selling point. I.e. why should people use your networking site rather than facebook or twitter? Answer that question, integrate it in your site and you may be on to a winner

Hi, Rajeesh

In my own experiences, title tags would be on top of on-page SEO, no matter dynamic or static pages.

What I recommended is to use your main keywords in your title tags. Of course, variants of them would be really helpful, too. For description tags, you should including attractive ads there. :)

Wish this help,

how make directory submissions to DMOZ
how much time it takes time to accept my website

search in google you can get many answers
learning seo online plz
ask the best teach ---google

how make directory submissions to DMOZ
how much time it takes time to accept my website

It can take anything from a few weeks to 2 years to get accepted in DMOZ... if ever. They are very fussy about the sites the accept. No blatant advertising. Just content

You can add backlinks, with the correct anchor text, write articles and submit theme to article directories, but probably the most important thing would be to have great content on your site. The more unique service you provide the better.

SEO is a wide wide topic and i guess you could read more readings about it by searching other useful website with seo tips in google. The common way you could do so is by participating in forums and comments in do-follow blogs.

thanks for the valuable information

what is SEO?
seo means "search engine optimization".it is actualy the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a website from which search engines are obtained naturaly with out unpaid("it can be logarithmic or organic"). it is opposed with SEM which is a paid inclusion.in SEOthere are different kinds of search such as search,including image search,local search and industry specific vertical search engines..which would give a website web presence.
optimizing involves editing its content ad HTML and associated coding to increase specific keywordsand to remove barriers to the indexing activities.
so specific key word are to required ti begin seo..so search engines like google,yahoo,and msn can help u to study more about seo

SEO is a vast ocean, there are various ways you can promote your site by different methods like Social media promotion, one way back linking, directory submission in specific valuable directories etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry has grown extremely in the past few years, and SEO is an very valuable skill. It is the most important thing to making money online. SEO is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via organic or search results.

Do On-Page Optimization (title tags, meta tags, alt attributes, keywords, description, heading tags, sitemap and robots.txt) first then next is Off-page Optimization (social bookmarking, classified ads, press release, social bookmarking, link wheel, article submission, blog commenting, forum posting)

choose some long tail keywords as the beginning of a SEO campaign. building quality dofollow backlinks, i think it helps

For a start you can do : directory submiision, article submission, press release, SB, forum posting, blog commenting. this will be very good for you!

Join Discussions over at Yahoo! Answers – Providing useful answers, along with a link is an easy way to earn a back-link.

Join Discussions over at Yahoo! Answers – Providing useful answers, along with a link is an easy way to earn a back-link.

Pretty sure "Y! Answers" links are nofollow.. right?

Do on page optimization : improve keyword in url, title, content, keyword tags.
off page optimization : social bookmarking / social networks, forum submission, article submission, blogging, ect...

Thanks and hope it help

First thing, use targeted keywords both in your site as well as for off-site activities. Then, create as many backlinks as possible using articles, blogs and forum posts. Creating backlinks from pages with higher PR is a great way to boost your search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking equals greater traffic to your website. For more mileage, use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your website as it's about camping, an activity that is appealing to young people.

I suggest you to read seo made easy of Brad Callen is free and has very good info.

I will like to add that you can create a profile on identica [dot] com and comments in blogs as a way of obtaining links.

Better before doing SEO, you must read more article's all about SEO....
It most important, because with more article you can know how to do SEO better and increase your'e skills....


SEO is used to make traffic on site and provide back links to site. This back links gives so many benefits like increase page rank of site, provide traffic, provide good visibility and increase business. For all this they are using some techniques. And main concept for all this provide uniques content, be sure that keyword is available in our site and back links.

SEO is a wide topic and I guess you could read more readings about it by searching other useful website with seo tips in Google. This is the important to know more about it.

SEO is the average to advance your website in adjustment to accept top rankings. There are altered accoutrement and techniques to advance your website through our seek engine enhancement strategies, from ambience your website positions in the seek engine through website optimizing with SEO affable content. Website Enhancement is the agency to cull cartage in adjustment to advance your website and convalescent the baronial of your website. Implementing accordant keywords in the appropriate places is actual crucial. Topranker.in has teams which takes into annual and accept the acceptation of these analytical aspects while optimizing a accustomed website.

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