to some extent but u need to be careful about submitting your site in too many low quality dirs.

BTW Directory submission is best way to increase link popularity.

Even if your link is approved, there are some chances to get indexed by Google..

Directory submission is the part of SEO and need to be done. It help's you increasing your back link count to some extent but don't help much in increasing your page rank. Because most of the back link given by directory submission are no-follow.

Even if your link is approved, there are slim chances to get indexed by Google.. yes its true but Directory submission is taking much more time to approved.

Yes the points mentioned are all reliable.......Thanks for sharing those points......

You can get these above mentioned all benefits from directory submission . But directories takes long time to approve any site

yes its true..its one of the most popular off-page technique and SEO do it for getting backlinks,boosting kws and for traffic

don't waste your time for a directory submission. according my experience still now i have posted for my many websites more then 5000+ sites. even single backlink & visitors i didn't get.

by directory submission we get more backlinks & more the backlinks to our site, higher will be pagerank of site in google.

I do agree that Direct submissions will take lot of time for approve our links but it will get targeted traffic from the directories and obtain a good quality, one-way link from every directory that you submit. It helps to improve search engine rankings and Google PageRank, often moving the website to many pages in the search engine results.

i don't agree with the first part that

(1)link is indexed by the search engines quickly.

Thanks for sharing it with us.

The most popular and important Internet directories are DMOZ and Yahoo
Some advantages of directory submission are:
1)link is indexed by the search engines quickly.
2)Directory submissions give you one-way links
3)Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice
4)Directory submissions are mostly free
5)Directory submissions send you targeted traffic

Well after google Panda update nowadays Directory listing is not a good off page optimization method at all.

Right . It Also help to increase the number of quality backlink that helps to increase the page rank of site also

Directory submission is a great way to get link back to your site . It is help ful to increase the PR of site

Some quality website directories offer automatic screenshots for your web site to help you provide referral visits to your web site.

Not totally true, you can get little to zero traffic for directories. I did some back link submission and get nothing.

Benefits of directory submission is to get a backlinks and also increase traffic.

i think all directory submission is not free. they want one reciprocal link. what to do ?

Directories submission is the best way too get one backlinks for your site that are beneficial for page ranks

thanks its good information from your side

its not so much benefit to submit site in thousand of directories.just submit in high pr directories only and use other offpage strategy.

Yes It's True Directory submission is Beneficial for getting the Traffic and Backlinks and also submission site in Relevant directory it's good for ranking.

Directory submission is the best way to get doffolow backlinks that help to increase the page rank of site

Directories never send a huge traffic but its still effective to get one way backlinks to your site,

Directory submission has lots of benefits it is increased keyword relevancy and increased visibility in search engine. Directory submission id a affordable search engine optimization technique.

We get the collection of different categories. DMOZ are the most popular online directory because all famous search engine prefer it.

Here is what my experience is with directory posting:
1. I have submitted to over 800 directories since March--that is an actual count!
2. My page rank jumped from 0 to 2 to 1
3. I have 85 Yahoo backlinks and 2 Google backlinks.
4. Thus, my yeield rate is about 10% for Yahoo, and basically nothing for Google.
5. I have been using several directory lists.
6. I just found a tool at Mozilla's web site that allows me to see the pagerank of a web site when I go to it. This enabled me to see why my PR dropped from 2 to 1; most of my backlinks, which were supposed to be PR2-5, were actually PR1.
7. I don't submit to PR0 or PR1 directories.
8. One of my keywords is on Page 1 of Google, and the other is on Page 2. For Bing and Yahoo, keywords are on Page 2 and Page 4.
9. My Alexa ranking has increased from 8M on 30 Jun 10 to just over 2M today.

Obviously, I need to do something else besides directory posting to get quality backlinks. I have started a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and put in links to Delicious, Google +1, Digg, LinkedIn, and FourSquare.

I have done some on-page optimization, too. I looked into a bunch of information on the web, and implemented what I can.

My understanding of the series of posts in this thread are:
Advantages of Directory Posting
- Easy
- Fast
- May be able to get a lot of links.

- Links may be low rated
- Directories don't always link when requested
- Not the best way to build links.

Anything else?


I have found that DMoz is not as good as it used to be, with so many directory sites out there it is important to know the quality, if they are paid or free and also if they have a category fit for your business.

Hi there,

I am happy to say that this post is very useful for me. I could learn many useful things from this forum. I must appreciate your work for sharing this great info. Thanks.

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