No doubt every seo technique we do for backlink. The main benefit of directory submission it's index to site and spam free technique.

So that is something one should focus on if they are interested in increasing the rankings and traffic of their site. Many sites who offer submission service, claim to submit your link in more than 75000 directories (mind you, few even claim the figure to be around 7,00,000!). But one should remember that submitting a link and getting it listed in the directory is not the same thing. It is like an auction, you don’t win merely by bidding. Others will just bid for you

Directory submission increases your website's back links. It gives you one-way links. Another benefit of getting your link included in web directories is that your links indexed quickly by the search engines. It's one of the most important SEO techniques of getting traffic.

But I have one Question why DMOZ is not accepting my Website ?

Directory submissions are the best way to build submissions improve the page-rank of the websites.

Hi All:

When I ran my backlink checker today, I had 124 backlinks at Yahoo, and 2 at Google. My results are on page 1 of google and Bing, and page 2 of Yahoo.

Frankly, I do not understand how Google does its rankings, but I am happy to be on Page 1.

I have submitted to over 900 directories, and only have 124 backlinks. Well, that's about a 15% yield, so I just keep on posting and posting and posting and posting and...

Remember, the entire goal of SEO and SEM is to be on page 1 of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Whatever gets you there is good, so long as it is not black hat.

I got to page 1 of Google by application of basic SEO. If I can do it, so can you. You just need to keep at it. I got to Page 1 of Bing after 8 MONTHS of work.

When I started, you couldn't find my site anywhere in the first 10 pages of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Now, Page 1! Diligence pays.

Don't pay too much attention to factors like backlinks, alexa rankings, and PageRank. Do your search every day, and keep track of where you rank for your keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo's results are NOT identical, so do both. Remember your goal--page 1. Keep at it, and you should be able to get there.

do-follow directory submission is useful.

I agree with everyone posted here. 99% of all directories are trash. A complete waste of time if you don't post to the top 1% of directories.

Yes, is true I have submitted to hundreds of directories but zero backlinks taken.

Right, i have also submitted around 20 directories but no link to my site from that directories. I didn't see it's profit for my site.

Getting back links

Yes, is true I have submitted to hundreds of directories but zero backlinks taken.

I think you have submitted it in other category or low pr directory sites. First of all find high pr directory sites and then after post in related category.

Directory submission helps in getting link juices and brings more traffic to a website.

Directory Submission is a part of one way link building. You can get backlinks from directory submission that is useful for your website's ranking.

Thanks for the Benefits of Directory Submission

Basically use for indexing and for increasing some backlinks for newbie domain.

Directory submission can give direct traffic but only for most popular web directories

I agree using high PR ranked directories will help to get direct traffic and bcklinks to the sites


All of you described very well about the directory submission..
It is very good to share that type of information with all of us.. Because it is most fruitful for those who are new in this forum and field as well.. I am also new here,so it is more benefited for me..

There are many advantages of submitting you site to directories.

1. You will get good backlinks from directories.
2. you will also get some traffic from directories.
3. Submitting you sites in like directories can helpful in SERPs also.
4. Most of the directories offer free submission to it is good source for free link building.

Depending upon the quality of sites. If you are submitting high PR directory submission then it will be beneficial. Some time Search engine shows the description of Dmoz on the SERP. Directories are always provide a platform for website popularity and for the backlinks.

Directory submission is of No worth today.. Try social networking promo that does the best of all..


Good User Interface, User Friendly Website and Regular Information Update is the only way to avoid bounce rate in SEO and Website Optimization techniques.

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